Founder of Bhagyadisha Astrological Research Center

Pandit Suresh G. Bhardwaj (Sharma) who is into Astrological Consultation running from last 20 years.

The center is well known for its research work and contribution towards Astrology, Astronomy and Vaastu Shastra upon scientific grounds.

Writing various astrological articles which are published in National Level books / magazines / newspapers. Awareness towards Astrology, predictions and Vaastu Shastra are part of daily activities held at Center.

Suresh Bhardwaj

Pandit Suresh G. Bhardwaj (Sharma)

Writing Skills

Bureau Chief of Kala Sutra, a Nation wide Magazine / Newspaper published from Indore (M.P). The magazine publishes various articles written personally on analysis of Horoscope of Film Stars & Top Politicians. A deep research work has been done and mentioned in magazines on International Subjects as well.

There are various magazines & news papers which have been Publishing the articles on regular intervals. The subjects are again research work and analysis done in various fields of Astrology. Some of the magazines / newspapers / books are Times of India Navbharat, Sarva Mangla, Vinayakal Mangalam & Future Point.

TV Shows Conducted

Local TV Channel has been organizing Daily Rashi show which has been very popular and appreciated by public. The show is for predictions of weekly Rashis, Star positions and their definitions.


Unyielding command on the subject and the bottomless research work help to conduct Astrological Seminars & programs. I have delivered speeches on various subjects & had been anchoring the programs at times.


An Astrologer since 1991, I have been presented the awards of Acharya, Jyotish Surya, Jyotish Bharat Ratna, Jyotish Mahopadhyay, Jyotish Visharath & many more from several Federations and Astrologer’s Societies in India.

I am analyzing various Horoscopes on daily basis which helps me to predict future tales accurately. The analysis are also documented for future references.


I have been a Vaastu Consultant from last 10 years and have revealed lot of secrets of Earth & other Planets. I have also provided remedies for various defective & complicated architectural structures (Man Made).

Numerology & Gemology

Practicing Numerologist and researching for the effects of stones and gems.

Research Work

Advanced Research work done to list the syndromes of AIDS, Thalassemia from Horoscopes.


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